QuickBooks Consulting
Information Research
As a QuickBooks expert and information research
specialist, I can help you with the following projects:

    Troubleshoot problems that you have setting up and using QuickBooks.

Troubleshoot QuickBook's Point of Sale problems and enhance Point of Sale
use.   Click
here for details.

Research questions and suggest improvements related to accounting,
compliance, regulations, taxes, and other issues in your business.  Find data
and statistics on other companies and industry sectors that you can use to
benchmark you decisions against.  Click
here for details on how I can help you
with information research and analysis.

Improve inventory tracking. Click
here for details.

Clean up your accounting to get reliable financial statements.

    Improve your chart of accounts and other QuickBooks lists.

    Help optimize your use of accounts receivable, accounts payable, sales orders,
    purchase orders, sales tax, credit cards payable, and other QuickBooks systems.

    Review and analyze your financial results and work with you to improve them.

    Answer questions and provide accounting guidance on transactions you make.

Review your accounting procedures and practices to help ensure they are
efficient and effective.

Customize and test out procedures that you want to develop and use in your
business.    Click
here for details.

Help you use QuickBooks’ planning tools such as the budgeting features.   Click
here for details.

Help you write a business plan using QuickBooks Business Planner.   Click
for details.

Help you with job costing and time tracking.

Help on the export of reports to Excel to compute ratios and other financial
information not available on QuickBooks reports.

Help you use QuickBooks as a management tool as well as an accounting tool.   
here for details.

Help you use the Fixed Asset Manager and Loan Manager.

Help you with multicurrency transactions.

Help optimize your use of QuickBooks reports for best business monitoring and
decision-making.   Click
here for details.

Evaluate add-on and application software intended to enhance QuickBooks
use.  Click
here for details.
Richard Torian

Advanced Certified
"better business with Richard's QuickBooks and information services"
“my goal is to help you use QuickBooks and good data for
better decision making”
Special  Anouncement

After more than 10 years of
providing QuickBooks
services, I have retired.  I am
no longer accepting new

Thanks to all of my clients
over the past 10 years.  I
have enjoyed providing you
services and hope I have
been helpful.